UPDATE: The draft constitution to convert the club into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is now available to download here. It is based on the Charity Commission's current 'Model constitution for CIO with voting members other than its charity trustees ('Association' model)' which can be viewed here. There will be a vote of members at the 2018 AGM on a resolution to adopt the new constitution. For reference, the current constitution can be viewed here.

Chew Stoke Out of School Club AGM will be held Weds 20th June 2018  at 18:30 in the school hall.

Each family who have one or more child registered with the club this academic year count as one 'member'. We need at least 10% of members to attend in order for the AGM to be valid.

The most important item on the agenda is to vote to adopt a new constitution enabling the club to convert to charity status. While this was discussed at last year's AGM, we did not have a draft consitution to vote on at the time. The existing constitution only allows changes to (or replacement of) the constitution at AGMs.

Amongst other things, registering as a charity will limit the liability of trustees (previously committee members) to a nominal £10. This will hopefully remove barriers to electing a Treasurer, which has been vacant for at least 2 years.

I know some committee members will not be seeking re-election this year, so we will be seeking new volunteers to be elected as trustees. Existing committee members who are still able to help with the oversight of the club next year will also need to be elected as trustees.

Dave Jones

CSOOSC Chairman